The 11th Annual
Pirate Days O' Florida

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Pirate Days Are Back!!!

Shivers me timbers……………… Bill Johnston's Pirate Days are here!!!!!!!!!! Again!
In Northern New York, Alexandria Bay, Where Dar grew up, they celebrate the drunken, crazy, rowdiness, and complete debauchery of pirates, that, as rumor has it……… hid and resided in their 1000 Island region. Our favorite Pirate Bill Johnston “ Admiral of the Patriot Navy” Is celebrated each year by pirates of all ages in the beautiful 1000 Islands with parades, block dances, a “mock” pirate ship invasion , docks full of pirate ships, lots of drinking, and yes DEBAUCHERY!!!!!!!!
Since we can not take you all there at once, we will bring a mild dose of Pirate Days to our friends in Florida!

If you were part of our crew last year you should know we expect you to wear your best pirate attire.
This Year Our Good Friends Kat and Randy will host a second day on September 24th.
Give Welcome to Pirate Days!!!!!